Kuro Plays Games

I've been playing lots of games, so I started a YouTube channel.
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I’ve decided I’m gonna not start every post with, “Wow I haven’t posted in forever” because that’s going to get redundant real quick.

I’ve been working on some cool stuff, but other than that, I’ve been spending a lot of my scarce free time playing video games lately.

Some of my close friends who live far away got me into Destiny, and I fell in love with online gaming with my friends. Late nights, drunk PVP, teabagging, and tons of laughs. I uploaded a montage or two back in the glory days of D1.

Destiny 2 is out now and it’s disappointing (albeit improving), but the gunplay is unmatched in any game, so I keep playing it, and I feel like I’m actually getting pretty good.

So I decided to start a YouTube channel and start saving and editing footage, and I started posting some more Destiny 2 videos in late 2017 under the name kuroplaysgames.

Some of the videos are more about the banter, like this one with my friend and former bandmate Corey (cumbersomehammer).

But most of them are just sniper headshots and teabagging.

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Thanks for reading!