Halloween Animation

Another Halloween, another creative project for corporate social media.
An animated GIF of Michael Jackson's Thriller dance

It’s Halloween! You know what that means: every creative team on the planet had to make something for their company to post on the internet for it.

Last year, I did something lame at work for Halloween. A pumpkin with some tech-related symbol carved into it. Super lame.

This year, I decided to step it up and animate something fun. During a lunch break, my best friend/colleague Adam and I came up with the idea to have Michael Jackson doing the Thriller dance, but also typing on a computer.

Michael Jackson Thriller dance at computer

Definitely spent more time laughing at the result than I did making it. It’s a good time.

Okay, I may or may not have redesigned and coded an entire new website for my company and launched it almost a month ago, and the next post should definitely be about that. I will get around to it.

I also made some nice improvements to the script on the lightbox component on this site that I mentioned in the last post, and maybe I’ll break that down for my fellow nerds who might be interested.

Thanks for reading.